Сверхъестественное самоубийство

По слухам: в фэндоме драма. Некий фанат Supernatural совершил самоубийство из-за анонимной травли. Тамблер, говорят, гудит.

upd. Судя по распространяемому предупреждению, какой-то психопат возложил на себя миссию извести фэндом. В сообщении говорится о госпитализации (надеюсь, до самоубийства или попытки самоубийства все-таки не дошло). Актеры «Сверхъестественного» твитят слова поддержки.

WARNING to the supernatural fandom who are not yet aware of the situation that has been going on today: there is someone sending anonymous messages in the fandom preying on people with depression and trying to push them into suicide they are stalking peoples’ personal tags/posts and targeting people who have expressed struggles with depression, self harm, and suicide attempts, and other similar struggles and are preying on those people to purposely push themselves into suicide and self harm

it should also be noted this isn’t a typical case of “i think i am a cool kid” bullying who gets scared and guilty and leaves when they see a reaction this person has genuinely enjoyed seeing others hurt and hospitalized (and some people HAVE been hospitalized.) their actions have only increased and they’ve only gotten bolder and more cruel the more they see their actions are working.

this person genuinely enjoys not only pushing people into self harm and suicide, but actually succeeding, as they’ve only gotten bolder after a few people have actually harmed themselves. they know exactly what they are doing. any negative/distressed reaction has only encouraged them so far.

if you get a message from this person, it’s honestly probably best not to respond considering how much they have loved negative/sad/angry/distressed reactions. track their ip address if you can or something to try to report them, not just to tumblr but to authorities that can actually do something about this person in real life, and block them

also do not believe them if they claim to be your neighbor and/or know you in real life. they have claimed this to several users, and obviously it’s not true seeing as no one can be neighbors to multiple different people living in multiple different locations.

i know it’s really hard to control your reactions when you get a message like that, especially when you struggling with depression, self harm, suicidal feelings, etc (speaking from the experience of someone who has dealt with all of these), but please, try not to let it get to you, try to ignore it. this is someone playing a sick game on total strangers. this is not someone that knows you personally. this is not a person who has any grounds what so ever to be speaking about in any way. you have many people who love you and would miss you if this anon got to you.

Мужайся, фэндом!

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